Composite Restorations

  1. These restorations are tooth colored fillings.
  2. They mimic the anatomy of a natural tooth.
  3. Composite restorations are conservative.
  4. Some composites can be done without anesthetic.
  5. There is no metal in the composites.
  6. Composites move and behave like the natural tooth.

Benefits of Veneers

  1. Minimally invasive to existing teeth — improves patient’s smile while maintaining the integrity of the natural teeth.
  2. Avoids orthodontia in some cases.
  3. Veneers can make stained teeth appear more natural, creating a younger looking smile.
  4. Veneers can correct minor gaps, easily changing the shape/color of teeth.
  5. Many teeth can be corrected, or one tooth at a time.
  6. Porcelain, that is used in veneers, is very durable.
  7. Veneers are a conservative treatment compared to a full crown.
  8. Veneers are easy to keep clean.